WAPDA discusses financing with ADB

The Water and Power Advancement Authority (WAPDA) Executive (Retd) Lt Gen Sajjad Ghani was contacted on Monday by a five-part designation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to investigate improvement requirements, guidelines, and support for WAPDA projects.

The designation was informed about how WAPDA was implementing a clean, efficient, and low-cost energy energy age estimate. This was being done to reduce the country’s reliance on expensive warm power generated by imported fuel and combat its negative impact on the environment.

WAPDA’s resource base, financial streams, and creative approach to orchestrating resources for the development of its tasks were also discussed with the ADB delegates.

In addition to examining the WAPDA projects that are currently in the process of development—specifically the Diamer Basha Dam and Mohmand Dam Hydropower Venture—plans for projects that are ready to begin construction—particularly Thakot and Pattan—were also presented to the ADB designation for Task Status Supporting.

distributed on February 28, 2023, in The Express Tribune.

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