US must push China to be honest about COVID origins, US envoy says

Speaking via video conference at a US Office of Trade event, Consumes stated that the United States would need to push China to play a more active role in the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to strengthen the United States’ health organization.

Consumes said, referring to Wuhan, the major Chinese city where the majority of human cases were accounted for in December 2019, “Also obviously, be more legitimate about what happened quite a while back in Wuhan with the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency.”

The Money Road Diary reported on Sunday that the US Energy Department had ended the pandemic, citing a Chinese research center release, a claim Beijing denies. Consumes’ remarks follow that report.

The Diary stated, referring to individuals who had read the knowledge report, that the Energy Division made its judgment with “low certainty” in a characterized knowledge report recently given to the White House and key members of Congress.

Similarly, read: The Energy Division declined to comment. CIA boss: China considering arms for Russia? Jake Sullivan, the public safety counsel for US President Joe Biden, stated on Sunday that there were “a variety of perspectives in the knowledge local area” regarding the beginnings of the pandemic.

Sullivan stated to CNN, “Several of them have said they simply need more data.” The Money Road Diary revealed that four different US organizations and a public knowledge board actually believe that the Coronavirus was logically the result of regular transmission, while two are unsure.

China’s unfamiliar service made reference to a WHO-China report that highlighted a characteristic beginning for the pandemic, possibly from bats, rather than a lab spill, when asked to comment on the Money Road Diary report, which was confirmed by other US media.

Unknown service representative Mao Ning stated, “Certain groups ought to quit reiterating the ‘lab release’ account, quit spreading China, and quit politicizing the beginnings following issue.”

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