‘Surreal’ to break Graf’s record: Djokovic

On Monday, Novak Djokovic said it was “dreamlike” to surpass Steffi Graf’s record of 377 weeks at the top of the rankings and that he was happy to do so.

The Serb will spend his 378th week competing at the top of men’s tennis in Dubai, where he will play his most memorable match since winning his tenth Australian Open title and his 22nd Huge homerun title, which set a record.

Djokovic stated to Dubai columnists on Sunday, “I actually need more accomplishments.”

I am motivated by the goals. I’m truly as committed to the game as anyone else.

“Obviously, it is strange in a way that Steffi Graf, who is one of the unrivaled greats of our game, and all kinds of people, has been world number one for so many weeks. Being one of these incredible names is a compliment in and of itself. It makes me extremely happy.

Djokovic claims he has been pain-free for as long as a week as he recovers from a left hamstring muscle tear he sustained in an Australian tournament. He has won all 12 matches he has played this season.

“I’m getting closer and closer to 100%. Regarding the actual game and how I feel on the court, I’m still not there. Significantly, however, there is no aggravation. The 35-year-old declared, “I have no obstacle to the manner in which I continue on the court.”

Djokovic will begin his tournament in Dubai on Tuesday against Tomas Machac, a Czech qualifier. Andy Murray, Daniil Medvedev, and Felix Drill Aliassime are also expected to play.

Djokovic’s most memorable event of the year took place in Dubai the year after he was kicked out of Australia due to his vaccination status.

He had won Dubai five times before Jiri Vesely beat him in the quarterfinals.

Murray, who has been playing Djokovic since they were younger and is several weeks older than the Serb, is having a shocking week in Doha, where he struggled through four three-set matches before losing to Medvedev in the final.

The English former world number one, who also made courageous presentations at the Australian Open last month, has considered it.

“What’s going on now this year with his match focuses saved in a real sense each match he plays, how many hours he spent on the court starting from the beginning of the year, especially in Australia, is simply something you should respect and say ‘chapeau’ as a result of all that he has proceeded with his hip,” Djokovic stated of Murray. “What’s going on now this year with his match focuses saved in a real sense each match he plays,” D

“You need to pay attention to the fact that he is moving in the manner that he does because he has a fake hip. It would appear that he has been working on his improvement and return to the highest level for a long time. He is merely moving up in the rankings. The level is constantly improved.”

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