PML-N leaders call for course correction after loss

After losing one more political race to the PTI in its political stronghold of Punjab, many PML-N pioneers needed to retake their courses because they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to win the following general elections.

Despite the fact that other party pioneers referred to the loss as a “family undertaking,” the misfortune reaffirmed the concerns held by a greater number of individuals within the party that the misstep that their chiefs had made to come to influence was a devastating misstep.

The PML-N, which had chosen not to challenge any by-races and, surprisingly, convinced the PPP to follow this pattern, bafflingly challenged the by-political decision in NA-193 Rajanpur, which it lost, according to informal results.

The PML-N had previously been defeated by the PTI. In Punjab, the PTI had already secured two significant victories. In elections held a few months prior, it had prevailed over the PML-N in contests for two seats in the Public Assembly. The PTI just lost one seat in this decision-making process, to the PPP in Multan.

On the twenty seats that were up for grabs, it has already won 15 of them. In PML-N circles, these consecutive losses raised concerns about the party’s political future.

Rather than worrying about the mistakes the party had made, those interviewed by The Express Tribune were more concerned about the mistakes the pioneers acknowledged the party would make.

The Express Tribune was informed by a senior party pioneer and Punjab MNA that the PML-N was where the PTI was at the bottom of its prominence in late 2020. The greatest error the party made was not immediately entering races after removing the PTI.

He stated that the party rethought everything it stood for. In fact, the party’s narrative was centered on its own needs and desires even today.

He stated that discussing the PTI’s inability to negotiate a fair agreement with the IMF and the one-sided legal executive with a depressed crowd was unpopular with the majority.

The party’s driving family was making it look like a fool. Even though they are aware of the facts, senior chiefs are appreciating strong public authority situations with joy. Without naming Maryam Nawaz, he stated that the Sharif family ought to collaborate with general society in order to recognize the primary issues facing the majority. In any case, he added, the PML-N had not lost everything.

He stated that the party leaders shouldn’t surround themselves with people with blue eyes and lavish all of their friendship on them. Since the PML-N actually has a vote bank, reinvigorating it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

On the subject of secrecy, a previous common clergyman stated that these were party reminders. Even though Maryam’s initiative might help the party get something done, she really wants to become a pioneer.”

He added that repeating the same mistakes won’t help the party.
According to PML-N MNA Chaudhary Khalid Javed, the Rajanpur defeat was entirely different because it was more of a “group battle” than a contest between groups.

He responded, “indeed, it is a reality that his child lost,” despite the fact that it was a group battle, when asked if Sardar Awais Lagari’s child was competing for the position of PML-N Punjab general secretary. He stated that the PML-N would typically experience rapid change when expansion figures dropped, and that the three races the PML-N lost were all PTI-cleared seats, “so it wasn’t similar to the PML-N losing a seat.” He responded, “The party proceeded it because the choice to challenge this by-political race was taken before the choice of other by-decisions,” when asked why challenge these races when the choice was the opposite.

Uzma Qadri, a former member of the group, also maintained that, following the IMF agreement, the country’s financial situation would change, altering public perception.

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