‘Bureaucrat’s daughter received Rs720m in salaami at her wedding’

Fahad Mustafa announced Ushna Shah’s wedding date on television ten days earlier, and she is now married! In a daytime nikah ceremony in Karachi, the entertainer and her playmate Hamza Amin agreed to a contract. Her family was present. Ushna was a delightful lady of the hour, dressed in a flawless red dress with substantial silver adornments.
However, when pictures from Ushna’s wedding were made public, some people on the internet found the dark red inappropriate for a daytime event. The Habs entertainer’s paunch appearance was also criticized by many. However, the celebrity had an ideal response for all barbarians: to avoid other people’s affairs.

She posted an image of her henna-covered hands blazing a wedding band to Instagram on Sunday night, a few hours after her wedding, and wrote, “(I’m) Mrs. Amin.” You weren’t invited, and you didn’t pay for the shade of red I wore. Most people don’t like my dress. My jewelry and jora are entirely Pakistani. Despite this, half of my heart is Austrian.” She concluded with a brief prayer for her blissful marriage.
In addition, the Parizaad performer shared a video of highlights from her wedding to provide her fans with the most recent life update. Attached to my nainon, wala Maharaja, who is a magnificent ruler. “I love you, spouse,” she wrote in the post’s subtitle. We are so grateful to our loved ones for traveling from all over the world to visit. My clan assembled this with my companions and sister Maha.
Ushna wore Wardha Saleem’s traditional wedding dress, with all the bling coming from the frills that matched her tall lehenga choli. She wore a brilliant matha patti and a weaved midsection belt of the same style as her dress. To complete the look, she wore hefty Kundan gems, a few bangles, and a smooth bun. She frowned admirably in red. In an ivory and gold jamawar sherwani with gold subtleties and a qula with a red little heart run across it, her significant other Hamza looked smooth.
Every famous person who took part chose pastel colors, making them appear different from the lady of the hour. While the men wore suits and sherwanis, the young ladies all wore saris. Shah’s wedding featured a lot of celebrities, including Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Sajal and Saboor Aly, Iqra Aziz, and Yasir Hussain. Sajal wore a saree with flowers printed on it and used a red mop to keep her long braids open. The Mother entertainer was seen presenting alongside Nomi Ansari, her primary planner.
Saboor wore a pastel peach sari embellished with silver, while her husband wore a white shalwar kameez and an earthy-colored printed coat. They appeared to be a perfect couple.
Zara Noor and her significant other Asad are shown here in a stunning pastel pink sari set against a rose curve. She wore substantial studs in shades of pink and green, which went well with the minuscule flower pattern on her sari.
Ushna announced her commitment to Hamza in December. “Meet my unaccounted for puzzle part, Hamza Amin,” she wrote in a series of Instagram posts. After two months, her wedding festivities began with a mehendi and haldi party and ended with a daytime nikkah the previous evening. We wish many long periods of contentment.

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