Are we turning a blind eye to the plight of religious minorities?

The horrific murder of a Hindu woman, 44, in Daya Bheel frightened Hindus in Sindh and forced them to recall their oppression in the past. In addition, in Sindh, young Hindu women’s strained relationships and transformation have become commonplace.

This does not imply that other strict minorities feel safe and protected in Pakistan; the Shia people have been oppressed for a long time.

At this fundamental point, a few questions should be asked: Isn’t it true that minorities in Pakistan enjoy the same rights to peaceful coexistence as other residents? Is it permitted by the nation’s Constitution for extremists to severely end the lives of its minorities or render them hopeless? If the Constitution protects their lives and guarantees their freedoms, why would they claim that they have not yet been denied? Last but not least, why is it that progressive governments, boasting of their popularity-based rise to power, are unable to address the concerns of minorities? Has any administration in Pakistan’s history been silently complicit in this situation?

In addition, belonging to a different religion or faction does not confer the right or authority to harm another person’s love or oppress them. All things considered, it appears that we are still unable to grasp the significance of social and strict variety in advancing society.

Perhaps one has a sense of dread that such a skewed and irrational perspective would ultimately lead to something revolting in which everyone would kill each other under the guise of strict contrasts. It is without a doubt moving in that direction, albeit slowly. On the other hand, the authorities and other concerned bodies, who ought to have been awoken a long time ago by the alarming increase in savagery against minorities, appear to be uninterested and are intentionally showing the chilling ghastly reality to the visually impaired and hard-of-hearing.

Unfortunately, major strict groups have always compromised minorities in Pakistan, frequently resulting in the mass killing of the less strict region. It is even more disheartening to learn that the majority of these mass killings are influenced and planned by the leaders of powerful religious groups or networks. Rather than allowing their adherents to continue killing and robbing those who hold different strict convictions and are fewer in number, these leaders should be teaching their followers the good news of love and resistance.

One might speculate as to the source of this harm. The methods that Pakistani legislators, the military, and strict pioneers used for a very long time to bring us to this bothersome second history, from which we can no longer escape, make it extremely simple to trace the beginning of the terrible reality we are living in.

Additionally, the problem is exacerbated by the large number of extremists who regularly express hostility to minorities on online entertainment platforms, which leads to actual incidents.

Before the roads are covered in the bodies of the innocent minorities as a result of the massacre, a prompt consideration is anticipated to contain this growing hostility toward strict minorities. The strict pioneers must approach and prevent their adherents from hacking each other to death in the event that the political and military initiatives are occupied in another location.

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