’18 Pakistanis have Rs4,000 billion in their bank accounts’

Sirajul Haq, the leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, claims to have a list of 18 Pakistanis holding Rs4,000 billion (USD $15.52 billion) in their accounts. Among these individuals are legislators and military officials.

During a Monday question-and-answer session in Islamabad, he stated, “Our country’s establishments are vulnerable to recuperate cash from these individuals,” adding that appointed authorities, commanders, civil servants, and lawmakers should repent in order to improve the economy.

Haq stated that during the tenure of the Pakistan Majority Rule Development (PDM) government, expansion had reached 34.3%. How could a family of four buy enough flour at Rs160 per kilogram to feed twelve people?” He questioned.

He stated that the rulers were contemplating imposing a massive Rs650 billion burden on the majority. He insulted, “The public authority will soon also impose a cost on breathing.”

The JI boss stated that PDM held meetings against the PTI government regarding expansion, but that the PDM government had also failed hopelessly like PTI.

Learn more at:’ According to the senior politician, “official’s little girl got Rs720m in salaam at her wedding.” This statement comes at a time when Pakistan is facing possibly the worst financial crisis in its history. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked the country’s wealthy to stop contributing to a slowed-down $6.5 billion bailout program.

Kristalina Georgieva, the IMF’s overseeing chief, says that money from Pakistan’s elites should be spent on the people who need the public authority’s help the most. She explains why the rich should profit from money and not get caught up in big problems.

Over 22% of Pakistan’s 220 million people are below the poverty line.

A new Joined Country report shows that Pakistan’s richest one percent own 9% of the country’s total pay, while the poorest one percent only hold 0.15 percent.

According to the UNDP report, the country’s most affluent 20% hold 49.6% of the public pay, while the least fortunate 20% hold only 7%.

According to the UNDP report, “The least fortunate and most extravagant Pakistanis actually live in totally different nations, with education levels, health outcomes, and expectations for everyday comforts that are completely opposites.”

Find out more: Burdening the Rich In a shocking revelation made recently, Guard Priest Khawaja Mohammad Asif guaranteed that a Pakistani civil servant’s daughter would receive Rs720 million (2.8 million USD) at her wedding in salaami, which is the custom of guests, family members, and guardians giving cash to the bride and groom.

In addition, the pastor guaranteed that a staggering Rs 1.2 billion (USD $4.6 million) in salaam was served at the wedding of the primary girl of the same administrator, who, according to him, is a grade 21 community worker.

“Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi promptly informed me that he attended a civil servant’s girl’s wedding.” “A person from his supporters was making salami,” Asif said on Friday during a meeting of the Public Gathering.

“When Elahi asked him how much he had collected thus far, he responded, “Rs720 million and then some.” He told Parliament that he was stuffing the money into a shopping bag.

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